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At Giant Sparrows, we really do love our job printing phone cases. It's amazing to see a case that you designed with your own personal photographs spring into life in just a few minutes: and they look so incredible! The whole process can seem a bit like magic; but today we're going to draw back the curtain of mystery, and show you our casemaking process.    Every morning, we check for new orders that have come in via our website, and download your photos if you've selected one of our personalised phone case designs.The image files are altered and prepared in...

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Meet Clare Galloway

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  Meet Clare Galloway Scottish artist Clare Galloway is a Painter whose colourful, distinctive work encompasses both surreal landscapes and her own spirituality. She views her artwork as "channeling the divine by simply being" and loves "that everyone will read their own story in a painting... this gives me my purpose". Clare has been with Giant Sparrows since our company began, and throughout that time we've produced a wide variety of phone cases from her paintings. Here she is in her own words, talking about her work and the things that inspire her to create     Clare Galloway, 'Winter in the Glen', for...

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Interview with Illustrator Mike Medaglia

Art Comics Illustrator Interview Mike Medaglia

Throughout the year, we'll be running a series of interviews with artists whose work we find inspirational. We caught up with Mike Medaglia, and chatted with him about his comics, Illustrations, and the influence of Buddhist spirituality in his work.        Tell us a bit about yourself, and what you do? I am a comics artist and illustrator. I have one book called 'Seasons’  published by Avery Hill Publishing and am currently working on a regular web comic called 'Last Days of Nobodies' that I update every other Wednesday. In 2013 I edited the comics anthology 'Wu Wei' that aimed to explore spirituality through...

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