Interview with Illustrator Mike Medaglia

Art Comics Illustrator Interview Mike Medaglia

Throughout the year, we'll be running a series of interviews with artists whose work we find inspirational. We caught up with Mike Medaglia, and chatted with him about his comics, Illustrations, and the influence of Buddhist spirituality in his work.
  1.        Tell us a bit about yourself, and what you do?

I am a comics artist and illustrator. I have one book called 'Seasons’  published by Avery Hill Publishing and am currently working on a regular web comic called 'Last Days of Nobodies' that I update every other Wednesday. In 2013 I edited the comics anthology 'Wu Wei' that aimed to explore spirituality through the medium of comics. 


  1.        What’s your background in Illustration? When did you realise you wanted to be an artist?

I have always drawn, since I was really young, mostly drawing in the margins of school books and that sort of thing, but despite all my attempts I was terrible. It was only around the age of 22 that I started to give it a real effort. I studied theatre at University, but only after, when I had travelled and taken some time to contemplate what I wanted to do with my life, did I start giving drawing a real push. Then it was years of work before I began to feel even slightly confident with my work. But I guess that struggle is on-going. 

  1.        What materials do you use most in your work?

I have two styles for drawing. Either in blue pencil and then I ink over that. Or else I use pencil completely. Both are done on Bristol Board (a smooth, heavy-weight card). From there I scan in the work and colour it all digitally using Photoshop. 

  1.        Who are the biggest influences on your work?

Since I’m so inspired by comics, most of my inspiration comes from different comics artists. I think overall I look to Osamu Tezuka for page layouts, Jason for tone and then Chris Ware for everything else! Recently the art of Jillian Tamaki has really inspired me and I am trying to loosen my line work in hopes of slightly emulating her.

  1.        Can you tell us more about your series “Meditations Illustrated”?

Well, Meditations Illustrated is a weekly blog that I do where I adapt a quote or aphorism from a famous writer or spiritual practitioner into a full page illustration. It’s a great chance for me to develop my craft with standalone images while also spreading words of wisdom into the world. Even though I post it online it could just be a personal project as I choose quotes that really mean something to me. 

  1.        What’s the relationship between spirituality and your work? 

Since spirituality is such a big part of who I am, it has naturally become a big part of my work. Sometimes it affects the content, like in Meditations Illustrated, or else it is part of the process of creating it. When I draw I can often become quite meditative and just let my hand draw what it will. Sometimes you can get a really nice effect but other times it's total rubbish! So it’s not a perfect science!

Thanks, Mike! You can follow Mike Medaglia's work online at:  


Twitter: @mikemedaglia

Meditations Illustrated:

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